In this guide, you will find our usage recommendations to optimize the performance and durability of your Quasar Raas 2.


Before each preparation, cut and mix the tobacco or substitute vigorously. Do not squeeze the tobacco.

1. Fill the bowl

Place the tobacco like snow up to the central hole of the bowl.

Short session = 18g loose
Long session = 25g packed

2. Position the heat management device

Make sure there is no contact between the heat management device and the tobacco.

3. Place the coals

Soft session = 2 cubes of 25 mm
Intense session = 2 cubes of 27 mm

4. Close the lid

Make sure the lid is tightly closed to avoid leaks.

5. Wait for 5 minutes

You can start your session.
Change the coals every 45 minutes.


  • Do not wash the lid and the heat management device with water or corrosive products.
  • When cold, disperse the ashes by blowing on the inside of the lid and the heat management device.
  • Do not use steel wool or metallic sponge to remove any residues on the bottom of the heat management device to avoid damaging the coating.
  • Only the glass bowl and the silicone connector can be washed with water.
  • Use steel wool to remove black residues on the edges of the glass bowl.
  • You can soak the glass bowl in a mixture of water and cleaner.

Instructions for use

  • Do not touch the metal parts or the glass without protection during and immediately after the session.
  • Always handle the lid, the heat management device, and the bowl using the silicone elements.
  • Place the metal parts on heat-resistant surfaces.
  • Do not place any of the parts on a coal burner or other heat source.