Quasar Raas 2

What are the differences between Quasar Raas 2 and Quasar Raas 1?

Quasar Raas 2 has a higher lid for larger coals, improved airflow, thicker silicone rings for enhanced safety, a solid design for greater durability, and a high-end paint for better heat retention.

Can Quasar Raas 2 be washed ?

Only the glass bowl and silicone handle can be cleaned with water. Do not wash the lid and the oven with water or corrosive products. You can use a wire brush to remove black residue from the edges of the glass bowl.

What is the recommended tobacco or substitute capacity for a session with the Quasar Raas 2?

For a short session, choose a loosely packed bowl with a light load of 18g. For a long session lasting up to 2 hours, go for a densely packed bowl with up to 25g. The tobacco or substitute should always be arranged in a snow-like manner in the glass bowl. Make sure to replace the coals every 45 minutes. 

Is the glass bowl from Quasar Raas 1 compatible with Quasar Raas 2?

Yes, the glass bowl is the only component from Quasar Raas 1 that is compatible with Quasar Raas 2.

Can circular coals be used with Quasar Raas 2?

Yes, it is entirely possible to use 3 circular coals with Quasar Raas 2 for intense heating.

Should one perform an initial dry run with the Quasar Raas 2 before the first use ?

The Quasar Raas 2 requires an initial dry run before use, just like all common consumer products. Placing the lit coals in the heating system until they burn out allows for the evaporation of production residues that could have adverse effects on your health.

Does the Quasar Raas 2 fit all hookahs ? 

Thanks to its silicone handle, the Quasar Raas 2 adapts to all types of hookahs and therefore does not require a sealing gasket to attach it to the top of the hookah.